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Jim Lutes Sold Out Seminars

Its all in your mind they say…for years personal development expert Jim Lutes has been implementing his own brand of human enhancement and performance. “Seminar attendees are like marbles” states Lutes While many times the content is valid, you drop them on a table some roll farther than others, but they all stop. Unless the Acquisition, Assimilation and Application takes place on a subconscious level, most simply revert to their old behaviors and habits. Seems that is what is driving all the media attention to his company. Worldwide shifts in economics and direction have in fact caused many individuals to seek out major changes in their lives and in a instant gratification society want the fastest and most effective method of eliminating fears and reaching their goals. For the elite, its a matter of an edge up on the competition.
Lutes should know, he chose a different path as a young man growing up in Southern California. While his father and brother took academic routes, Jim took his career down the entrepreneurial direction in his early twenties, After several businesses, he attributed the subconscious to his success and became a world expert in hypnosis and its advance tactics in regards to producing profound results. Outside one of Lutes seminars one will see Mercedes Benzs, business professionals and people from all walks of life who want to up their game and happiness. Lutes is also sought out to work with people individually, celebrities, athletes, even poker professionals who want to incorporate their own mind further into their success. Seems to be working.
Just as anything evolves and becomes more proficient so it seems the processes of human growth and potential have done the same. For information on individual or group events contact:
Lutes international San Diego, California info@lutesinternational.com 1-800-546-5883