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Advanced Life Coach Training-

Hello my friend,
This is a personal note from me. My name is Jim Lutes and you may or may not know of me. Feel free to Google Jim Lutes Success/Jim Lutes Speaking
For years I have been asked now I create such extraordinary incomes in the personal development and speaking industries.
You as a Life Coach have the same ability IF you learn the marketing strategies I teach.
Because my programs are out of reach financially for some. Yes, they are expensive, yet yield enormous returns on the investment.

My seminar schedule allows me some time. At the request of close friends I agreed to do One on One Advanced Life Coach Training.
I am not certifying LCs, I AM teaching you how to ramp your current business to six figures. You have everything you need for this, now all you need is the blueprint as to how to make that six figure income happen. This is a VERY affordable 1 on 1 program by Tele-Mentoring at a fraction of what others pay in a seminar format. Since this is a one to one format, I am booking up quickly from as far away as Canada.
Please contact my global sales office at info@lutesinternational.com to reserve a date. Six figures is around the corner.
I have also attached an audio link below going over some of what will be covered.

Best in success,
Jim Lutes


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